Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm baaa-aaack!

Hey Folks! I'm back to the land of heat and humidity and rarin' to go with...something. I have nary a clue what to post anew, but I'm thinkin' about it. Always thinkin'... 

Stay tuned!


  1. @Steven! Welcome back! :-)

  2. Creepy, but glad you're back dude! Gotta borrow that movie from my brother sometime. Haven't seen it in years.

  3. Welcome back! No rush, but wanted to let you know the wife and I have missed coming here and reading new things on your blog. Glad you're back.

  4. yes, welcome back from me too :-)))

  5. @Night Owl, @Grey Goose, and @sorei: Nice to see you all again! It feels like it's been forever! (It really hasn't, it just seems like it.)

    @sorei: Like the new NCC-1701-D avatar. :-)

  6. Welcome back! I hope your time with @Christy was a lot of fun and very romantic! Any news to share? LOL! :-) You know me. Always the romantic wanting a happy ending.

    I have news to share! I'm getting married!!! You heard right! Me! Married! Can you believe it? I feel like I have you to thank! I hope you and @Christy are as happy as I am! I know this all happened fast for me, but I know it's right and we both feel like life is too short to waste time apart when we really want to be together. So we're taking the plunge and getting married! I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe it!

    Um, and yes I'm typing this in the early morning from HIS computer. Shhhhh... (blushing)

    Now about you and @Christy. LOL! I hope you two are still very happy. Remember that you're not getting any younger either and life is short. You two of all people should know that. She almost died and you almost lost her. You have to love and appreciate each other now. Don't put things off. Spend as much time as you can together. You're deeply in love so marry her! LOL! You know I'm waiting for that announcement. :-)

    Welcome back my friend!!!

  7. Oh and how did meeting her family go? I hope your whole trip was a really good one.

  8. Welcome back @Steven..I am now on vacation. But @Tammy is right, we want details of your vacation with @Christy and we want pictures of you and Christy. ;-) Your blog audience has been waiting long enough!

  9. From @Christy and @Steven to @Tammy, @Amanda and @All:
    Our vacation was a ball! I met The Family and we all got along famously. Spokane is…Spokane, but we still had fun. *lol*

    Since this is a public forum with so many moles'n'trolls flitting in and out, we'd rather not post people-pics. You'll just have to keep using your imagination! ;-)

    Thanks everybody!

  10. @Steven & Christy...what did you copy and paste your answers?

  11. @Amanda: LOL! Almost. We wrote our response together while we were Skyping. It seemed so efficient since we basically had the same thing to say. ;-)

  12. @Steven I'm feeling very lonely tonight. Sometimes Saturday nights are really hard for me, and this is when I miss being married. I hate being single and dateless. I feel so unlovable, ugly, undesirable, and unwanted. I'm having a hard time right now. I'm sitting here wondering what's wrong with me. I feel like a loser. :-( You've been divorced. I know you're a guy but did you ever feel this way? Maybe @Christy did. I'm just so sad tonight.

  13. I can't sleep. :-( I hate being sad but I don't kknow how to not be sad tonight. When does all this get easier? Does it ever? I thought it was but it isn't. Feeling so alone.

  14. @Sarah: I was wondering where you'd been. What you're feeling? Totally normal. I had ups and downs after a breakup when I was younger and after my divorce. I'd have days where I felt on top of the world. Maybe a friend had said just the right thing or I had a good day, and I thought all "this" was behind me. Then the next day – or days – sucked. I felt lonely, untethered, hopeless, alone. And I hated feeling that way.

    But it passes. I can't tell you exactly when; it's different for everybody, but it really does pass. I know it sounds trite and it might not make you feel any better right now, but time really does heal all wounds. One day it's just...better. And then the next day it's better than the last. And so on, and so on. Just give yourself time. Or rather, give your brain and heart time to process everything you've been through. The one thing I wasn't able to do was rush it. I wanted to find a fast-forward button so I could just get past that period of my life. But there wasn't a fast-forward button, I just had to wallow, stumble through my days until I was better.

    You're not unlovable, ugly, undesirable or unwanted. And don't give him the power to make you feel that way. He can't make you feel that way, only you can do that. And you have control over you, so don't let it conquer you. Just know in your mind and in your heart that what you're feeling is natural and healthy. (It still sucks though.) You're mourning. You're mourning the loss of your relationship. It's kind of like mourning a death. You go through all the stages of loss, and then you move on eventually. Trust me, it'll pass. I mean that: TRUST ME. It'll pass. Click on my Profile and email me.

  15. @Sarah

    Steven is right.
    I do not think time automatically "heals" all wounds, BUT it gets better if you give it a chance.

    And you NEED these dark times. They will help you appreciate times of joy.
    And yes I agree with Steven, this doesn't help you now, doesn't mnake you feel better, but you cannot avoid it.

    Just survive one hour at a time, and then another one. :-) Step by step.
    Remember, just because you cannot see "light" right now does not mean it is not there. You will see it again.

    you will survive. :-)

  16. @Steven I sent you and @Christy an email this morning. I haven't heard from either of you. I hope I didn't bother you or maybe it didn't send right. Let me know if you got it. Thanks.

    @sorie thank you so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. You're right. I just need to survive one hour at a time, step by step. Thank you!

  17. @Everybody:
    I'm just posting this random comment so I could tell my mom how to post comments without a Google.

    So completely and totally ignore this!