Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Leeeaavin', on a jet plane..."

Well, this is it! I'm heading up to my new home so I'll be offline for a couple of days. But...

I'll be baaa-aack!

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Good luck and best wishes with your move. It's a good move for you and will be an exciting and interesting new chapter of your life. I'm sure you will encounter new things to blog about!

    Welcome to your new home!

  2. Welcome home, baby! It's good to have you up here. Now take a deep breath and enjoy the cool weather. ;-)

  3. Wow! I've been so out of touch I didn't know you moved while I was gone. I'm happy for you and @Christy! I hope you're liking your new home.

  4. ...? Shay...? Man, that name sounds so familiar...? Wait a minute... Cloak...lurker...ack!... Oh, right - Shay!! How are you? LOL!

    Just kidding. It's just been so super quiet on here. I'm chalking it up to back-to-school, dog days of summer, and laziness on my part.

    The move has been a success so far. Cats, Christy and I made it here safe'n'sound last Saturday. Now I'm just waiting for my stuff to arrive.

    And trying to think of something of infinitely cool and interesting to write about. If...if anyone cares... {shuddery sigh}

  5. I hope you like your new place and being closer to @Christy! Sure has been quiet on your blog. Maybe everybody is like me. I've been busy with kids going back to school and life.

    Best wishes to you and @Christy!

  6. @Jana: Hey woman! Nice to see you. :-) Yeah, it's been reeeeaaaalllly quiet. We figured a lot of it was the change of seasons and back-to-school. The move is more or less over. But what. A. Move. LOL! It may be worthy of a blog post if anyone else comes back. ;-p

  7. @Steve: How the heck are you? Would love to hear about your move. Congrats! Moving closer to Christy is big step!

  8. Paula Pike: Hey P.P.! Nice to see you on here. :-) Moving closer to Christy is an awesome step. The fact that it's beautiful up here just makes it even better. sigh...;-)

    How you doin'?